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Shadow On The Moon

There's a shadow on the moon
far away from dark and gloom
it's lifeless and still
like all of us
no less real
when you have doubts
jump up and shout!
feel the shadow move


Her eyes are tried and true
She sees lies that taste of honey
Uncoupled from the ocean
She waves from a shore

As I awoke from a dream
I slept through another, and another, and another.

We may part company
To meet again in the end
That world will divide, multiply and subside
Recurrent themes bunch together
As friends with similar agendas
We teach the past to see the future

Her eyes are tired and
Falsely see
Truths that become memory
We only know what is given
And imagined

The apple, serpent and tree are talking
We are stalked into believing everything

Sans everything
Everything is left

Western thought/eastern mind

I’d crawl inside the skin
Of numb redemption
Beat the escalation
Not by leaps and bounds
But of some particle derivative
That’s false and consumptive

I’d eat fruit
Believe lies
Steal time
Live lives unfolded
Sit inside the lotus
Crave contempt
Brave the storm
And weep

Breaking Luck

Connective tissue icebound
Lovers thrill at sight and sound
Of fury’s godsend
Placating the meatier parts
Masticating each delectable selection
Durable goods earthbound
And surrendered

Placing the frozen platelets aside
Begin the moment
Gingerly fingering scrotum
Excusing the air of noire debate
Blistered arrogance refutes
This singular activity
Announced as bitter apathy

Thus the dalliance delivers
The mount and stone
Of abbreviated exaggeration
Small comforts elicit little charm
Now slight future plans resume
To more of just the same
The fortune in pieces, retrieved

Addiction (for Elvis)

The crown
lit from within

The eye
holds steady
gazing into eternity

The moment
cares not
for frostbit tears

The blinks and stares
defeated in arrest

The long last look

The skin
crawling inside
bloated remorse

The taste
sips countless
almost immortal
lies dead

The gutter

The hidden gem

Hitt Girl

Mural found in Denver




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